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Thursday, May 22, 2008

At It Again

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most overturned court in the country, is at it again. This time they've ruled that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" can't be enforced against Major Margaret Witt if the military can't show her dismissal furthers the goals of troop readiness and unit cohesion.

This is a very easy, slam dunk case for the military. Very simply, all they have to do is go before the court, with 100 straight Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, male and female, and ask them if they would be more or less comfortable in their units if every activity was made co-ed. This would include showers, rest rooms, berthing areas, medical facilities, etc.

The obvious answer is no, a good percentage, male and female, would be quite uncomfortable with such arrangements. The guys might joke about it, but they'd be just as uncomfortable as the women. In fact, the courts, for that very reason, one sexes comfort, have held up the rights to have women's only gyms and health clubs, etc.

In the mid-90's I had the "pleasure" of dealing with this subject as part of the a Navy Human Resources office. The above arguement ruined every conversation on the subject, since it undermines the gay position. I still think that arguement, more than my rank, kept me out of a few working groups on the topic.

Simply put, the arguement that not every gay person desires every other person of the same sex, which was one of the biggies during the forming of "DADT", doesn't hold water. I don't lust after or desire every woman out there. That doesn't mean that I'd be comfortable in a situation where I'd regularly see them in various states of undress. And it certainly doesn't mean they would be comfortable with me there to see them. And, I'd probably be less than happy having them see me in my skivvies or less.

The introduction of women across the military is one of the other arguements of the pro-gay crowd, they point to the fact that there were problems, but it's been generally successful.

They just conveniently ignore the fact that those uncomfortable situations were intentionally minimized to a numbing degree. It's nearly impossible for a man or woman to enter an opposite sex berthing area at a military post or on a ship without severe consequences.

In the case of homosexuals, that's a pretty difficult task to accomplish, unless you are going to develop four sets of living quarters, straight men, women, gay men, women.

One hopes that eventually the folly that is "gay rights" in the military is brought up on common sense terms. Unfortunately, who ever does has to be willing to be labeled a bigot or worse, since that's what will happen from the groups pushing this agenda.

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