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Friday, July 04, 2008

Sports Babe of the Day

I probably won't post a "Sports Babe of the Day" every day, but occasionally one catches my eye. Actually, in the case of Trenni Kusnierek (pronounced just like it's spelled) of Fox Sports Net Wisconsin, she caught my ear first.

Trenni does the "Extra Innings" radio show after Milwaukee Brewers games, and the reason she caught my ear is she knows baseball in general, and the Brewers specifically, very well.
For some reason, a lot of Brewers fans love to hate manager Ned Yost, according to many of the callers on today's show I'd have to guess that Ned is the reason for the Iraq war, global warming, 3rd world poverty, and rickets making a comeback. This type of wrath for a guy who's team is 8 games above .500 and playing the best ball in the majors since the end of May.
When one of the callers today told Trenni that he hates Yost because he's always getting "out managed" in 1 run games. She pointed out that his team is 18-8 in such games this year, the best record in baseball. Then proceeded to dress the caller down in such a way that I almost felt sorry for the guy, except he was in idiot and deserved to have his testicles served to him.
You can catch Trenni on www.620wtmj.com after any Brewers game, and a 7:15am on Friday mornings with the morning show.

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