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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Democrats And Secret Ballots

Ah the irony of the Democratic Party. As the Wall Street Journal has on it's editorial page today, and earlier reported on Politico.Com, the Obama team was seriously considering a secret ballot and abbreviated roll call vote at the convention last week. The reason? Clinton supporters were complaining of intimidation on the floor by Obama supporters looking for a unanimous proclamation of Barack.

Then it struck them. One of the key items in the party platform, and legislative agenda, is to eliminate secret ballots in the workplace when it comes to forming unions. The party, and unions, deny that any intimidation goes on with "card checking" for membership, and want the rules changed to take a way the ability for management to ask for a secret vote.

Evidently someone in the party realized that having such a vote on the convention floor, then running on a platform of denying it in the workplace would make a pretty easy target for the GOP.

The whole incident shows once again that the Democratic Party isn't working for whats best for the people, but what's in the interest of their own special interest bankrollers.

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