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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waste of Research Money

Okay, we hear all the time about wasted research dollars, but this one has to take the cake.

The headline from Yahoo! News.....

'Beer goggles' effect during drinking is real, scientists say

Now, I'm not a rocket scientist (but I am related to one), but with nothing but a sailor's paycheck for 21 years I was able to prove that on 5 continents. I consider what I did to be a blind (drunk) study, so I think that who ever paid for that study should just give the money to me.

Hundreds of guys I went out with woke up with women who at the beginning of the night they'd said "I wouldn't do her with a rented johnson". Beer was the reason for these things happening, plain and simple.

The study was conducted in England, which brings up at least one theory for why they did it. They may have needed to prove the effect because so many men are married to ugly women that beer goggles are the only rational explaination. Well, that or a lack of attractive women.

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