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Friday, July 25, 2008

Scared to Debate

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Robert Byrd are so scared of the idea of a debate on offshore drilling on the US Continental Shelf that they've decided to just not allow any debate on it.

Pelosi is going to refuse to bring it up in the House, and Byrd; with Reids consent; has decided to cancel committee meetings for fear that a drilling amendment might get attached to an appropriations bill.

Why the fear? Because gas prices have reached the tipping point, where people are now wanting to put their pocketbooks ahead of the (overblown, my thought) evironmental concerns about such drilling. The general public supports the idea now that they've been hit with $4.00 per gallon gasoline for their SUV and minivan. The money folks behind the Democratic party don't support it, and in politics we know when the choice is $$ or the people, well follow the money.

There are enough "Blue dog Democrats" and oil state Democrats in congress, that when combined with the GOP would pretty well assure passage of an off shore drilling bill. That would be a stunning defeat for the Pelosi/Reid/Obama end of the party, which can't handle the idea of a loss to Republicans on any issue much less a core belief issue of the environmental end of the party. So to avoid the defeat, they'll just dodge the issue.

Hopefully, come November, the folks who are being ignored (you and I) remember this episode show the folks who've decided we don't even need a debate where the door is.

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Blogger Blake said...

Perfectly in Keeping with their nominee for the White House who seems hell bent not to debate McCain in an open forum... what are they so afraid of?

7:30 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

They know their ideas are losers.

5:59 AM  

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