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Friday, August 07, 2009

Apology Accepted

I received the following this evening, following my Adam Andrzejewski post. I accept Bruno's apology, and probably won't toss him under a bus, unless one of Adam's flacks calls my work phone again.

I just saw the blog post.

If you were going to throw some one under the bus, it should have been me
for not protecting information better.
Adam stands for things that we both agree on, and the fault for your being
on the list is entirely mine, not the candidate's.
I hope that you post this e-mail as a response, as it I am to blame. Why
Adam should suffer for my lack of action is unfair.
Read his policy page and tell my why he should be lumped in with the 99% of
politicians when this race is his first foray into politics.
Again, I am the one to blame for your troubles today, not Adam, who was busy
campaigning today.
Bruno Behrend
Adam for Illinois

Bruno probably is right, I shouldn't toss the candidate under the bus for the over-zealous work of a few campaign workers. However, it is the candidate who's ultimately responsible for the workers they employee and the voluteers they select.

During recent campaigns, especially national ones, lots of bloggers, commentators and pundits rightfully assailed candidates who hid behind the idea that "it was an over zealous worker who said that, and not the position of the candiate", when many of us believed that the candidate would have said it, if they could have gotten away with it.

I'm not lumping Adam in with those folks, either. I'm just saying if one wants to be the candidate of principle and position, then all the staff needs to know that, and know it means all the time.

And I have read, and do agree with a lot of the things on Adam's policy page. But there is a long way until there is even a primary, and I'll withhold judgement on who I think is the best candidate until election time gets a lot closer.

PS.. Hammer the idiot who called me the first two times. A public flogging would be most entertaining. (/sarcasm)

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