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Thursday, September 24, 2009

McConnell Blasts Government Over Gag Order

McConnell Blasts Government Over 'Gag Order' on Private Health Care Provider - Political News - FOXNews.com

What's that about? Humana evidently sent a flyer out to it's Medicare Advantage customers telling them that HR 3200 and the Senate Finance bill by Max Baucus threatened their benefits. Baucus, in a hissy fit, order Medicare's oversight folks to investigate Humana for doing it, claiming they were misleading and confusing seniors.

AARP, who's spending millions advertising to support such legislation; with just as confusing language; and who runs a Medicare Advantage program, hasn't been asked to stop what they are doing.

Mitch McConnnell has hoisted the BS flag, and asked why the government is trying to gag companies from providing information about legislation, other than to protect themselves from being discovered as liars.

The CBO has come out and basically sided with Humana, saying millions of seniors will either lose Advantage coverage completely, or see a decline in benefits due to the cuts Baucus is proposing in the program in his bill, and the House in there version.

If you look at actual facts about Advantage, you'd have to wonder why it's the targets of so many cuts. It provides service for about 20% cheaper than standard Medicare, and the folks who use it rate it much higher for customer service than Medicare.

It seems if Congress were serious about cutting Medicare costs they'd expand enrollment in Advantage, not try and cut it. Except Advantage uses private health insurers to provide it's service, and we all know they are evil, just ask Nancy Pelosi and the President.

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