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Saturday, February 06, 2010

The President is Stealing My Stuff

President Obama is getting lots of laughs for his comment about "snowmaggedon" hitting Washington DC last night and today, to the tune of about 2.5 feet of the white stuff.

I guess he's been reading my blog for a while, since I used the phrase here in 2008. (http://crazypolitics.blogspot.com/2008/12/snow-maggedon-08.html). That's okay, Mr. Prez, I didn't trademark it or anything.

I miss my days in Virginia sometimes, but now when I see them getting hammered with snow like this. They are ill equipped to deal with it, and the people can't drive in it.

Now, as payback for laughing about DC this weekend, I just got bleeped on my phone with not 1, but 2 "Special Weather Statements" the first says between Monday and Tuesday I should see between 6-11 inches of snow. Then, since I live close to Lake Michigan, another "several" inches of lake effect snow through Wednesday. Yahoo.

Again, it probably won't bug me too much. I can deal with driving in it, have a shovel and snow thrower. However, the customer I'm handling Monday and Tuesday has a bunch of people flying in from Sunnyvale, Ca. for the week. They should have a ton of fun dealing with it. Hope the hotel isn't far from the plant.

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