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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quiet Again

So my house is quiet again. My son and his family's temporary stay ended yesterday when they got into their own apartment. So now I don't have to be as quiet in the morning, in hopes that a toddler wouldn't wake up. I can also walk around in just my boxers and not get yelled at.
If there was going to be a month to have them back in the house, this last one was the correct one. Having a little extra help when I got out of the hospital was nice, and having the little dude around to cheer me up didn't hurt any either. Though keeping him off parts of me that didn't need to be jumped on was a little tough.
Thanks kids, for all your help. Now enjoy being in your own place again, I'm sure you'll like not being here as much as we like you being there :)


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