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Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's Official!

It is official, Hillary Clinton has now been completely transformed to a
"moderate Democrat". Last week two newspapers, one in New York, and the
Washington Post, writing of the 2006 Senate race in New York were
postulating on how Hillary would do against "Moderate Republican"
Jeanine Pirro. Both papers ranted about the match up of two fairly
similar moderates of different parties.

While the mainstream media may continue to try and put new make up on
Ms. Clinton, the fact is she has so many soundbites out there, that it
is going to be fun to watch how the GOP in New York uses them to twist
her back into her true, ultra-liberal self.

Some pundits are claiming the "husband factor" may be big in this race,
but I don't think that will be the case. While Pirro's husband does have
a tax evasion conviction, for Hillary to drag him into the race requires
that Bill and all of his baggage come in too; probably not a comforting
thought. While some claim that she could ride Bill's coat tails, those
are the folks that conveniently ignore the fact that he was elected to
office twice with a plurality of the vote, and probably owes Ross Perot
as much for getting him into office as anyone at the DNC.

My personal thought is that Ms. Pirro needs to sound a constant, loud
backbeat about the 2008 Presidential election and try and get Hillary to
commit to six more years in the Senate if she wins. It will have to be
Pirro asking her, because anyone who thinks that reporters from the Post
are going ask her to make that kind of promise lives in an alternate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Al Pirro into the campaign just means simply pointing out that Jeanine SIGNED AND APPROVED THE JOINT TAX RETURNS HERSELF, and that as D.A. Jeanine took payoffs from the mob.

The Pirros are lying, theiving scum. And so are you for supporting them. I hope one day, you are put in a jail cell, and forced to suck on Jeanine's yeast-filled panties until loaves come out of your mouth.

Also: do you have Page 10?

5:32 PM  

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