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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ramblings for today (Protesters, new links on the sidebar)

Do you think the anti-war protesters are angry that Hurricane Rita picked the day of their rally to come ashore. While Rita didn't do as much damage as feared to the Gulf Coast area of Texas and Louisiana, it sure washed the rally folks off my TV screen.

Added a couple of new links this week, one is to Hip Liz's blog, which is, well pretty Hip! Definitely like to read his stuff. He is not strictly a political blog, but that's good, we need to look at other stuff occasionally.

The other new link is to Charlie Sykes Blog. Charlie is a conservative talk show host on WTMJ radio in Milwaukee, and is one of the better local hosts I've heard. It's odd, but living in the DC area there is a lack of good talk radio here, or at least on stations that can be heard from outside the beltway. I started listening to Charlie when I lived in the northern part of Illinois, because he was also better than anything on the Chicago airwaves. Follow the link to his blog, and hit the listen live button some time when he's on.


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