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Sunday, October 30, 2005

For a Laugh

For a laugh, head over to the Washington Post Blogs, and check out Emily Messner's "The Debate" on ethics in DC, and the current Libby scandal. She points out (and links to) a lot of good writing in the MSM and online over the Libby indictment.

The online edition of US News and World Report has an article about "Cheney Resignation Rumors Fly", because Libby was Cheney's CofS folks think it will bring him down. (You can ask Clinton, it takes more to bring down a Dick than a couple of rumors).

That rumor started because Cheney showed Libby the documents that had Plames info in them. Think about it for a second, though and the idea of Cheney doing something wrong makes no sense. Cheney was trying to find out why Joe Wilson wrote he was sent by Cheney in his op/ed piece. Does anyone realistically think the VP would do all the investigating of who actually sent Wilson on his own? The fact is he'd discuss the stuff with his Chief of Staff and have him work on it (probably delegating it even further).

Make sure to read the comments, at "The Debate", the rabid left is out in force and trying to turn perjury into treason, I guess they spent too much time watching Franken last week, and trying to figure out how to use Fitzgeralds report as a reason the war was a lie. They should read Fitzgeralds comments, since he said specifically he didn't look into anything concerning that question, and his report will answer no questions about it.

If you need another good laugh on this, read Stephen Schlesinger at the Huffington Post. He's already speculating that Bush could pardon Libby before his trial, to keep anything from coming out. That probably won't happen. What could happen, in the great tradition of President #42, would be that on the last day of his term Bush could pardon him. (Think Henry Cisneros).


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