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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Update On "Rush Would Be Crucified"

News Blog has another rant today, this time about being asked to pull their advertising for Tim Kaine, a Democratic Candidate for Governor, because of the inflammatory post they had up yesterday.

Andrew Sullivan and others had also posted about it, and evidently Kaine got enough e-mails and notices of the picture and post it to pull his ads.

The rant that the author over there goes on about the ads being pulled makes me wonder if he's lived under a rock for the last 20 years. Think about advertisers that pulled out from The Masters, both over race and sex issues in that time. Why didn't Rush get to keep doing MNF, he wouldn't have lasted more than one season even without his comments, but once he made them, advertisers demanded he leave, or they would pull chocks.

The authors excuse that he should be allowed to attack Steele in that manner, because he too is black is a crock. There are lots of facts about Mr. Steele that could have been used in a well thought out rant, without the childish picture to make his point, instead of the manner he went about it, which was offensive.


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