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Sunday, October 30, 2005

She's A 1 not a 10

(my nonpolitical post for the week)
I went to my favorite sports bar today to watch my beloved, but 1-6 Packers blow another game. Thank god I was driving, or I'd have drank heavily.

The guy next to me commented on the waitress, who was cute beyond belief, with a butt that, well, it was perfect. He made one of those standard, sexist, rate the chick with a number type comments, to which I replied, "She's a one".

He didn't get it, but having been married for over twenty years, the 1-10 hot scale no longer works for me. Instead, if I'm going to act sophmoric in a sports bar (where better?), I use a scale of 1 through 3.

1- The woman is so unbelievably hot I'd take her home, toss her on the couch, and ask the wife to keep score.

2- She's pretty hot, but I'd be discreet and get a hotel room.

3- She wouldn't be worth the legal hassles if I got caught.

The waitress was definitely a two . She was too young to be a one, I'd have to put up with the "you have kids her age" crap.

What kind of scale are you using?

Funny, right after writing this, I find Maureen Dowd's latest editorial piece on the anti-feminist movement among women, check it out here.


Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Good post! I like the "I have socks older than you" putdown. But then, with the ole ball-n-chain, I don't get out much to those sleazy dives I used to frequent many moon ago.

That's not to say I don't appreciate a well turned kneecap, or bubble-like curve.

I may be an old dog, but I still know how to "bury the bone".


PS: Been a Packer Backer here since the Bart Star days. Somewhere I have a foto of N666TV in the parking lot of Lambeau Field, with the late great Earl Gillespie ( a man among men ) where we are going to do LIVE tv transmissions relayed from the ground to the helo and then back to the tower in Estabrook Park.

Used to cover the Pack at Mil Co.Stadium when it was still around.
I got to follow the action from the sidelines with a dish microphone, and got run over by William "Refrigerator" Perry, who came back to help me up and was a nice guy.

Oh, the memories.

Go Pack!

8:02 AM  

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