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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Spoiled Brat Benched by Soccer Coach

I'm not a soccer fan, in fact I think the game is less exciting than watching grass grow. I believe that Huligans come from the fact that they like to jam 90,000 people in stadiums and bore them to tears for 3 hours.

Normally a kid throwing a hissy fit at his coach for not enough playing time on a soccer team wouldn't make it to the AP and ESPN's radar. However, when the spoiled brat is Freddy Adu, the 16 year old phenom in his 2nd pro season, it makes the news.

Freddy complained a few days ago about not starting every game, and how the coach was wrecking his chance for a World Cup roster spot, and it just wasn't fair. WHAAAAAA WHAAAA WHAAAA....

Last night the coach suspended Freddy, bidding him Adeau, at least for one game, for conduct detrimental to the team. I love the idea. The kid seems to think he's the reason for soccer's popularity in the country (Freddy, last nights playoff game drew less than the Bulls preseason game!) and should be "special".

So heres to the coach, in a sport I hate, doing the right thing!


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