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Friday, October 21, 2005

Interesting Comment...

(re-edited portion in italics)
I was reading a story this morning in the Free Lance-Star about recruiting difficulties in the area for the Army.

One of the recruiters interviewed pointed out a little tidbit of info that probably won't make it into larger newspapers, or onto CNN anytime soon.

He was pointing out to the reporter, and does to students, that the media's 24 hour coverage of Iraq sometimes skews perspectives. His reasoning? Since 9/11 more military members have been killed driving their own cars than have been killed in combat! I haven't been able to confirm that statement, in fact I think it might be off. However, if you look at total off duty accidental deaths then the numbers are very close.

I doubt we'll see much about that statistic on the news channels or anywhere else, it sure makes the whole quagmire thing sound a little silly. Though if the moonbats catch on to it, they may decide folks in the military shouldn't be allowed to own cars, because it's too dangerous.


Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Those figures sound about right. Traffic accidents around large military bases in the states claim lots of soldier's lives, as do training accidents, heart attacks, etc.

When I was on aircraft carriers, we lost about 200 men per cruise, guys blown overboard by jetblast, natural causes, mechanical injuries, large objects falling,crushes from rolling ordnance, steam leaks.

It's dangerous just being around equipment, jet aircraft, ships, etc.

But of course, the press will not go into that. They just want to politicize (the dirty dirty bustards) the war by showing caskets coming off aircraft.

Not much could be lower than that!

Phantom Driver
Proud father of an American Soldier

8:07 AM  

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