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Monday, November 21, 2005

Kool-Aid Drinker Award

I'm going to take advantage of the picture I "borrowed" from Stacy over at notadesparatehousewife, to give out a
"Kool-Aid Drinker Award"

The Award has to go to Chris Matthews, with his comments at the University of Toronto.

"The period between 9-11 and (invading) Iraq was not a good time for America. There wasn't a robust discussion of what we were doing," Matthews said."If we stop trying to figure out the other side, we've given up " The person on the other side is not evil. They just have a different perspective." (thanks to Eye of the Storm)

Chris, in case you didn't hear, their "different perspective" is that the way of western life must be exterminated, and we all have to toe their line. McBride Media Matters has a great picture up.


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