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Monday, February 27, 2006

No Big Post Tonight

I'm whipped. We did two days worth of lab work today, because of issues with equipment on Friday. Add to that a 90 minutes or so meeting that ended up taking a little over 3 hours, and a bunch of errands after work, I left home at 6, and got home at 6. I just don't have the energy to think about posting.

So instead of reading here tonight, check out some folks on the blog roll, there are some new ones, like:

Gun Toting Liberal... Yeah, he's a lefty, but he's one who debates instead of derides. I like him.
Farfromgruvin.. a right of center guy. Some interesting opinions, history, and personal stuff. Give him a read.
Born Again Redneck... He comments here occasionally, and has another interesting mixed up blog, with everything from flowers to politics.
Althouse... She's a conservative blogger who covers everything from moving out of her house to political and legal matters. She also shows that not all lawyers (or law professors) need to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

Also, head over to Knockin' On The Golden Door, and give Mark a cyberhug (in a manly way, guys). He's having a rough time right now with something we all hate when we have to deal with it.

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Blogger Lone Pony said...

Technorati Tags: To Fucking Lazy To Post??? Oh CP, you make me laugh! The thought of something along that line has run through my head, but I was a good girl.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

LOL!!!!!! Yeah, that Technorati Tag was side splitting! I wouldn't be surprised at all if that one gives you a great traffic spike :-)

Again, I truly appreciate the link and the kind words, my friend. There is nothing in the world wrong with simply agreeing to disagree civilly. It's strange how that doesn't go on more in the bloggosphere when it applies constantly and nicely at the family get-togethers. It's no fun just touting the RNC and DNC talking points like so many do. Not to mention, we don't learn a damned thing when we do that. I just leave that rhetoric up to the extremists.

Probably not unlike yourself, when I happen to dig my heels in on an issue and I happen to take the talking points memo's viewpoint, it's nothing but a coincidence; it's the way I really FEEL about the issue. And that is why the GTL is different, and I'm proud of that fact.

I look forward to reading more from you, Sir. Thank you again for being so kind, and blog ON...

10:46 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

LP, being "a good boy" has never really been in my blood. I prefer to do strange things at times.

GTL, glad you got a kick out of the tag. I'm actually the only one using it right now, but we'll see if it develops a following.

I'll be over tonight to read more on your blog, it's a refreshing change from the "Kos Kids" attitude that's getting to prevelant in the left of the blogosphere.

4:22 AM  
Blogger Lone Pony said...

After the lesson I learned today (you're going to laugh at me when you read it) about staying away from liberal sites, I'm going straight to GTL! Thanks for the tip Bob!

5:47 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Thank you for the plug, Bob. I get tired of politics sometimes so I posted about dogs today.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Patrick, the puppies were cute, did you get the mustard?

LP, I added Donovan's Blog to the roll tonight. Think "Democrats For Bush". You won't agree with him on everything, but like GTL, at least he makes points and doesn't call names. It's important to get all the points of view you can, even the whacko's on occasion, so you can learn lessons like you did.

8:51 PM  

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