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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Saddam the Hero

As I was looking for more info on the Saddam tapes from last night, I discovered (through the AP and Washington Post) that he's a hero. "Saddam Reportedly Warned U.S. of Terrorism" Is the head line on the Post's version of the AP story.

I guess that would bring up the question, of who's the goat? If we were warned in the mid 1990's that this was happening how could President Bush not have done anything.... Wait, he wasn't President in the mid-1990's.

The New York Times, report, from Agence France-Presse goes over the same ground, but does include that the tapes had references to August 2nd that dealt with the Kuwait invasion, and a little more on Saddam's work to hid his chemical program from the UN.

I originally found it odd that the press has decided of all the revelations in these tapes, the most pertinent one's are that Hussien warned the US of terrorist attacks here. Then I realized that each one of those press reports does it in the same way, emphasizing that Saddam and Tariq Aziz said they weren't coming from Iraq.

When taken in that context you realize what the press is doing, it not trying to show we should have been better prepared, it's trying to show that the current administration used false date (Iraq and terrorism) for the war. I will give them credit, it was very subtle.

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Blogger LargeBill said...

Eventually the "Bush lied - No WMD" crowd will have to admit that an Iraq led by Saddam would have remained a serious risk to our safety. He was actively supporting and funding terrorist. There is ample evidence that Iraq was a training ground and haven for terrorist. As far as WMD go, he had them and fully intended to keep playing hide and seek with the weapons inspectors. We have found some WMD and I have no doubt that the larger quantities were removed from the country in the months leading up to the war.

4:44 PM  
Blogger The_Bos'un said...

The Plot Thickens. When the truth finally comes out, I hope the New York Slimes and other left leaning newspapers eat pork over it.

Far as I can tell, President Bush did not lie and the left leaning media tries to hard to justify whatever their agenda is. However, they are also into survival, so as it looks like the real truth will finally get out, the New York Slimes, CNN, and other wrong side of history news services will start to take a play out of the clintonista play book. Deny, Deny, Deny and play the truth pea game.

R/ Bosun

1:29 AM  

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