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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bad News For Brew-Town

Unfortunately Milwaukee is getting a double dose of bad news. First, two young boys missing for the last month were found drown in a park lagoon. If anything good can come of something like this, it at least looks as though foul play wasn't involved. My prayers are with the family, I can't imagine losing one of my children, much less both.

The second bit of bad news was the acquittal of three white cops of beating a black man senseless at a party in 2004. When I read the story I had to do a double take, how did these guys end up with an all white jury? With over a third of the city's population being black, that seems very odd to me. I'd hope the victims family asked the DA about that.

One of the three officers still faces some charges, but I can see this causing problems in the city.

I do have one issue, and that is the Mayor and DA's attempt to get federal charges filed, now that their case went to hell. I'm sorry, but if this rose to the level of a federal civil rights case, it should have been given to the feds when it happened, not now.

It gives the impression that the DA's office was trying to make a name for someone by trying it at their level, and now needs a conviction somewhere to save face.

Jeff Wagner, a radio talk show host in Milwaukee, and former prosecutor has some great insight into the issues with a federal prosecution in the case, and the botched prosecution by Milwaukee County.

The third bit of bad news for Milwaukee is politicians driving business away from the city, instead of attracting it. Charlie Sykes pointed this out on his website yesterday, with the above link to BizTimes Daily.

When a business tries to move it's 80 full time jobs and 300-400 seasonal jobs from the suburbs to a decaying city, the obvious answer is to keep putting up hoops until the look elsewhere. And they wonder why Milwaukee is dying.

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