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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fox Video On Pedophile Blog

The Pedophile blogs that were mentioned on here yesterday, and at numerous other blogs, were mentioned on Dayside today on Fox today, with Stacy Harp talking about the issue. The video is up at Fox News, it's about a 4 minute piece.

Suzie at Assorted Babble has more up along with a lot of links to blogs who are trying to get Google / Blogger to pull the plug on these folks.

Jay at Stop the ACLU, chimes in with more contact info for Google, and agencies that might be interested in shutting these folks down and even more links of people who aren't impressed.

A commenter calling himself Freedom is confused about what's going on here. It's not "thought police" or the right wing Taliban of the US trying to shut these folks down, it's just regular people, of all stripes.

The fact is, while the courts may have held these types of people's speech up as "protected", that's from government interference, not from the masses. If he needs some help figuring it out, Rae Ann has a nice run down of what is and isn't protected speech.

If the folks who run these blogs wish to communicate, get a private, paid website, require passwords to enter, and have members. That way some kid reading my blog, then clicking the "next blog" button at the top won't accidently end up reading your stuff. It's not that tough to do, and there are hundreds of webhosting sites that would allow you to do it.

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Blogger shoprat said...

There was a book published a few years ago called something like Unsafe For Children or something like that, which argued that laws against adults having sex with children were wrong because it was capable of being a normal healthy relationship. It was written by some proffesor either from the University of Minnesota or Stanford. There were books written from each of these schools, one dealing with pedophiles and the other with bestiality, but they said essentially the same thing. I fear that the floodgates have just opened. I am trying to find links to these two books so I can comment on my own blog.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

I hate to say it, but this guy has some good points. I will also say I do not appreciate the fact that these MAMBLA sickos can be stumbled across by children, or by the easily offended, but has anybody considered that parental firewalls, much like the ones found on cable TV can be implemented to help control content?

You are in the military. If you've ever been deployed, you'd know firsthand how effective firewalls can be - you can't even do certain google searches, much less pull anything in with adult content.

I am somewhere in the middle on this one. I abhor their message, but I love free speech. I think people are always too quick to demand censorship at the community levels when censorship at the household levels should suffice, unless a crime has been committed, or is being pitched to the public to be committed. I haven't taken the time to visit one of these sicko sites, and I won't, but who needs to if what Freedom says is true:

That the main theme of the sicko blog in question is to question the law, and to incite people to lawfully overturn the law -

That the sicko blog in question does not incent people to break current laws -

That the sicko blog in question does not cross the lines of violating any current laws -

If all of the above are true, then the blogger should be allowed to continue blogging his sick crap. Just because the blogging community as a whole disagrees with the message wouldn't constitute a valid reason to make what he's doing illegal.

I agree that Google has a right to forbid this sort of speech on it's servers, but what is next in line for this sicko, when he just gets his own server and hosts his own blog on it? Go after everybody who does biz within his backbone? What next when he buys and provides his own backbone and his speech is quoted by others on the Internet? There is no stopping it in the end unless you make his grotesque speech "illegal". And you shouldn't.

I find far right neocon speech offensive, I really do. Anybody who reads my blog would know that by now. And I can promise you that when I have children, I will take the responsibility as a parent to safeguard them from reading far right neocon commentary (and socialist and communist propaganda also) as well as this MAMBLA crap by implementing a secure firewall system in my household. Just like I will do the same with adult content on my DishNetwork account, too.

If this is a town, and the bloggosphere IS a community - the sicko blogger would just be the raving lunatic down the street who everybody stays away from and keeps their kids away from. We don't press our community leaders to make it illegal for the dude to be a KOOK, we just ignore him, and when/if he breaks the law, we call the cops.

We bloggers really need to stick together with this "free speech" thing. If we outlaw this sicko, we are next.

Just my 2 (or rather, 10,000) cents.

Blog ON, bro... great topic, btw!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to the video. I had really wanted to see her interview but didn't find out about it until after it was over.

How did you figure out how to get the exact video link?

I did a post on this also and linked to both of your posts.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

LMC, glad you liked the video. I found the exact link on their "technology page", dumb luck I guess.

GTL, it's consumerism at it's best. While I understand his concern and issue, the idea that his freedom of expression is more important than others is wrong. He's expressing himself through his posting, other are doing it through actions with Google. His right to say something in no way overrides others to be offended by it, and let that be known. It's how consumers have gotten TV shows saved and cancelled, product marketing changed,etc.

I go back to my liability issue for Google again, also. Since he obviously is advocating illegal behavorior (through his code of "ethics"), what happens if he or one of his partners on the blog does molest a young boy? Could the parents hold Google liable for not turning him over to the authorities?

4:09 AM  
Blogger Stacy L. Harp said...

Hi there, I wanted to personally thank you for linking to the video. I also wanted to let you know the video is hosted on my site too, in the event Fox deletes it in the future.

Many blessing and Happy Easter!


8:27 AM  
Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Thank you Bob, I so much appreciate you carrying this subject beyond one post. That was great you were able to get the video so quickly and pass the link along. As far as I am concerned, if we save a child all this is worth it. That blog is connected to chatrooms and child porn....and no matter what they said it is nothing but spin trying to justify their illegal behavior.
Thanks again, I will take this link and put it on my UPDATE.
Appreciate all your efforts.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Freedom said...

----That blog is connected to chatrooms

What kind of chatrooms?

----and child porn.

Show me proof. Simple. When proof is presented to me, I will be the first to admit I have been wrong all along. Until then, I will keep asking the question. Why can't people come up with a simple thing called Proof? Have people forgotten what that means? It's 5 letters long. Proof.

----and no matter what they said it is nothing but spin trying to justify their illegal behavior.

Q : What do we want - "P.R.O.O.F"
A : When do we want it - "Now!"

11:25 AM  
Blogger Freedom said...

--Crazy Politico said - "His right to say something in no way overrides others to be offended by it, and let that be known".

By all means continue being offended. Thing is, can you not just be offended and move on like most "normal" people do? That is what every Blogger does usually.

It is what "I" do when I come across Neocon Blogs (for example) which relish the thought of Nuking the muslim world. Or I engage in debate with them. One thing I "never" do, is consider erasing their thought off the face of the internet because of their views.

Your "use" of free speech in this matter, is to destroy the free speech of others and muzzle them forever. It is exactly what the Islamic militants have been doing. Using free speech to ensure others cannot use it. That is shooting yourself in the foot in the long run (IMO). Because sooner or later, someone may come along in the future and say "your" views are so offensive, that they begin a campaign to get your Blog removed. Now you would have to face the results of your own legacy, wouldn't you.

In my opinion, the safest way to prevent any such potential problems, is to allow the Blog to exist and allow people to ridicule the views within them. Blogger suggests that, and so do I.

My view is, if those Bloggers are supposedly child molesters, why on "earth" would they present themselves on a publicly available Blog? Maybe they "are" child molesters and traders of child porn? Thing is my friend, you and everybody else involved in this sinister campaign, MUST provide "proof" of your accusations, in a fair world. Right?

Without that, what have you become? If you succeed in scaring Blogger so much with media coverage of them apparently "supporting" child molestation just because they don't remove a Blog you despise, then it will be a sad day indeed for the future of Blog freedom.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Freedom said...

--Crazy Politico said - "Since he obviously is advocating illegal behavorior (through his code of "ethics"),"

From what I see, he is "challenging" the laws which are in place. Are you saying he is not allowed? Sorry, but that is a scary thing in a so called free society. Stalin and Pol Pot would be proud. Off to the Gulags with anybody who challenges existing laws. At the end of the day, Democracy decides about any law changes, and the chances are, those Bloggers would be laughed at. Nevertheless, allow them to challenge the laws and put forth their "theory" of the potental benefits of a loving Man and Boy relationship. Why are you so scared? Do you think they will win? I don't think they would at all, given the feeling of most people in the world. So what are you so afraid about? That they even consider the idea in the first place? Just be offended by it, and move on. That is the mature thing to do in a fair and just world (IMO)

11:44 AM  
Blogger Freedom said...

--Crazy Poltico said - "what happens if he or one of his partners on the blog does molest a young boy? Could the parents hold Google liable for not turning him over to the authorities?"

What "If". What "If". There is that tricky subject again. The same kind of thinking that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq and the possible invasion of Iran. The Big "If". Sorry, but the sign of a fair and just society, is that we seek "Proof" first. NOT make somebody "Guilty" until proven "Innocent".

In regard to google, perhaps a parent "could" sue Google if something happened. Although, Google makes it VERY clear in their terms that they are not reponsible for the content of any Blogs. So I think the parents would have one hell of a battle on their hands. The case would be like saying "That wall over is owned by the local council. So they should be reponsible for that offensive graffiti".

Again my friend, you need proof if we are to continue claiming we are fair and just societys. Now, if this big "If" scenario is used as a weapon in a campaign against Blogger to erase the Blog, then it is sinister indeed. I could just as easily go to a Neocon blog and say - "Wooah. This line of thought could very easily lead to the invasion of a country and the death of many people. I think I should get Blogger to have it removed". Would I do that? Would I hell!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Freedom, on "what if". OJ was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, but still sued for the death of his ex to the tune of $33 million. Guilty and innocent have nothing to do with civil lawsuits, nor does common sense. Ask McDonalds about coffee for another example. Mitigating risk for one's company on an emotional issue is a good business practice.

On free speech, I guess you didn't read my post. I have no desire to muzzle him. I'd just rather he put his blog behind a login. Get a paid service, put up a "The material herein may be offensive to some" warning page, and type away.

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey.......now only I hear about these things regarding webhosting......thanks....keep it up....

1:50 AM  

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