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Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Bush Scandal Costly

How about some new intrigue and scandal that could carry a couple million dollar price tag for Mr. Bush? By noon today it will be the only thing you hear about on certain TV channels.

Seems some freebies, worth between $55K and $100,000 were funneled through Mr. B's family, gifts were given, promises exchanged. But he got caught, and now it's probably going to cost up to $10 million dollars!

I'm of course referring to Heisman Trophy winner (for now) Reggie Bush. Seems his family was living rent free, or freeloading depending on who's side of the story you listen to. The house was owned by a sports marketing firm, and the parents supposedly were evicted for $54,000 in back rent, according to them. According to members of the firm, the parents were living rent free and getting cash from the company.

Now there is a lawsuit, by the firm, talk of possible extortion issues between New Era Sports and Bush and his family. Supposedly someone connected with New Era threatened to release "embarassing details"about Bush and his family.

The reason you will hear about it so much today, the Houston Texans signed Mario Williams as the first selection in the draft already, working out a deal on Friday night. ESPN will start live coverage at noon eastern.

While they had been negotiating with both, Williams signed, and being number one is great, falling to 2, as Bush probably did will cost him at least 6 million up front money, and possibly as much as $10 million over the life of the contract, because of the way draft pick checks get slotted.

Houston said that the Bush controversy wasn't an issue, it was his request of a 20% increase over last years number 1 pick, Alex Smith of San Francisco's contract. The Williams signing, for about 10% over Smith's numbers, will also cost everyone in the draft a little bit, since number 2 never gets paid more than 1, etc.

I don't wonder, though, if the issues with New Era, and the Texans aren't related in another way, maybe Reggie just started believing the hype and got greedy on both counts. It's cost him millions already, and if the NCAA finds that he violated rules, it could cost him his Heisman.

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Blogger Praguetwin said...

I'm a USC fan, but from what I have seen, I just don't like the guy.

This isn't helping change my mind.

5:33 AM  

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