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Saturday, June 24, 2006

One Plus One Can't Equal Two

I'm getting a kick out of reading this morning's Washington Post. One story in the Politics section declares that the GOP majority in Congress is in jeopardy because they can't do their basic job, pass legislation.

Yet the next story is that Hillary Clinton is chastizing the GOP majority in Congress for "blindly following Bush".

Now, I'm no math major (and haven't played one on TV), but if statement number one above is true, then Hillary's comment would of course be false. Or vice versa; both can't be true, or the GOP would be passing legislation left and right, not worrying about losing the majority because they can't.

In fairness, the majority of Sen. Clinton's statement was on the GOP in Congress following the President on his Iraq policy, but she also mentions the failed Marriage Amendment, the upcoming Flag Burning Amendment, and a few other issues.

If you follow her logic on Iraq though, most of her party is also following blindly, based on the vote on the Kerry withdrawl time table.

One thing the GOP in congress is pushing, and the Democrats are having fits about is a new line item veto law. The one passed last week in the House would give the President the ability to cut out funding items from bills, but then allow congress to repass them with only a simple majority in each chamber.

Democrats are leary of this because they know it's a good way to get the pork they have added to bills cut. For the same reason some Republican's are, and because sometimes a few votes for the opposition is needed to get things passed. Pork is the way those votes are obtained. Losing the guarantee that the pork stays in the bills will make some negotiations much harder.

I love the idea because it will make certain items fall under more scrutiny, and get some attention on their own, in a way that probably does make lawmakers nervous.

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Blogger shoprat said...

She is mad because the GOP is majority and doesn't believe as she believes all intelligent people should believe. She can't get her hyper-intelligent agenda passed.

1:35 PM  

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