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Thursday, July 27, 2006

According To Jim.

Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin has a great spin on the announcement yesterday of an expanded investigation into the Adelman Travel contract that has already garnered one conviction.

It's a political thing, that's Jim's spin on it. Nevermind that the state's Attorney General, who is also a Democrat, has expanded her investigation, or that the US Attorney started his last year before there were any candidates lined up to oppose Doyle. According to Jim it's all politically motivated.

I guess everyone in America's Dairyland should ignore the fact that that both Doyle, and his top aide Marc Marotta met with the Adelman folks directly, and took campaign donations before and after they got the contract.

The announcement yesterday also stated that a contract for a new building for UW Milwaukee was intervened on by Marotta, after another check to the reelection fund of the governor was delivered. While Mr. Doyle might be right, the Kenilworth project is a good thing for Milwaukee, rigging the bidding so his donors get the contract isn't exactly the way business should be done. That tactic isn't good for anyone, regardless of the end result.

As the months go on and it gets closer to the general election, it will be interesting to see if Steve Bisupik, the US Attorney, or the state AG file any charges against Doyle, his campaign and political staffs, or the companies that have gotten several state contracts. What will be more interesting is Jim's spin on it when it does happen.

(updated 7/28) For a better list of exactly what is being investigated, and what the feds are considering investigating, check out Madison.Com's story on the issue.

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