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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now That's An Editorial!!!

I just finished reading an editorial in the Chicago Tribune called "Will Another Adult Fail the Children?", dealing with the soon to be sworn in Cook County Board Chair Ms. Bobbie Steele and how she should handle the mess that is the county's Juvenile Detention Facility.

Every major newspaper editor in the country should be required by the publisher to read this, to understand how newspapers should deal with incompetent public figures.

Here's a sample.....
Topping that roster is Maria Szafarczyk, the chronically absent,
pathetically useless and utterly inexperienced training director who in effect
was installed last November by her brother, Commissioner Joseph Mario

While there were many ways they could have described Ms. Szafarczyk's work habits, they chose to pull no punches and take a round house punch at her. The truth is, they were kinder to her than they were to the director of the Cook County Juvenile Detention Facility, Jerry Robinson.

Read the editorial, both to find out what a mess the CCJDF is, and what a real "scathing" editorial looks like.

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Blogger Ted said...

The person they should have hired is Joe Arpiao from Arapaho County, Arizona. He seems to the one person in law enforcement with the courage and intelligence to handle the position.

Ms. Steele could learn a lot from his ability to handle who need to be in jail - or worse. Of course, that is my opinion, I cold be wrong.

12:01 AM  
Blogger shoprat said...

Only in Chicago, or so I wish.


Politics, friends and family should never be mixed.

9:36 PM  

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