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Friday, August 11, 2006

Does Britain Have An ACLU?

Does Britain have a version of the ACLU, I hope not. If they do I can see many of the (up to) 50 conspirators arrested yesterday getting lawyers from the group.

After reading an article this morning in the Washington Post, that details internet search records, phone calls, and travel plans of those arrested being monitored by Scotland Yard, I can see an ACLU type group coming to their defense, whining about the inappropriateness of the searches.

The Brit's even had the audacity to conduct "sneak and peak" searches to gather some of the data on these folks. The ACLU is of course fighting that provision of the Patriot Act, though I can't find anything that says they've challeged them when they've been used under the RICO Act for 30 years.

The Post, while not divuldging everything about the investigation makes it clear this wasn't a "oops, look what we stumbled on to" type of operation. Instead, it's been a year of work on 4 continents, with thousands of investigators in the US, Britain, Pakistan and elsewhere following suspects and leads.

While Scotland Yard, and the Department of Homeland Security haven't released the exact types of bombs being devised, the news papers have made sure they publish exactly how a peroxide bomb would work, and what chemicals you would use. Thanks, that's information the general public probably doesn't need.

The general ban on liquids does, though, drive home one point, you can't electronically screen, x-ray, etc. for every substance that can be made dangerous on an aircraft. Instead, it's going to take grunt work looking through bags to find some of the things these types of folks would like to use.

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Blogger Ted said...

You'll love this Bob. I was listening on the net to Roger Hedgecock in SD this evening. A group of 3 pakistani's were arrested at a Wal-Mart in Cairo, IL for buying cell phones, 3 at a time. They made several trips and were supposed to be citizens.

A Wal-Mart cashier called the FBI and they were arrested. The 3 had more than 1000 cell phones in their car. I live in Illinois and I hear it for the first time on KOGO Radio out of San Diego.

Do Liberals get it? They don't have a clue! To them, it's 3 guys trying to make phone call to their families. And if it isn't, and they use them to bomb and kill Americans, we deserved it. According to liberals.

I really hope Americans wake up one morning and decide not to "take it" anymore.

Just my opinion.

4:06 AM  
Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

I think it may be time for a 50-foot fence . . . around Dearborn, Michigan.

Just a thought.

12:48 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

I'm sure they have an equivelant. I hope it fails on whatever it tries to do to protect these heartless pig-ape crossbreeds that kill in the name of the false prophet, Mohammed.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

99% of Brits are the equivalent of the ACLU so they don't need one but actually they have a lot of similar commie organizations.

3:26 PM  

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