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Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's Still A Post 9-11 World

For the folks who'd like to go back to living in a Pre-9/11 world, Britian just issued a wake up call. Evidently they broke up a cell intent on destroying a large number of commerical aircraft mid-flight between the UK and US.

Expect delays if you are traveling, as extra security has been added at airports on both sides of the pond, with Britain disallowing any carry on baggage. We changed the threat level for airports to "High" here (orange if you like the color codes), and Severe (red) for flights originating from the UK.

Both countries have prohibited the carrying of any liquids except medicine onto aircraft, Britain is requiring people carrying that to taste it in front of the security screeners. Wonder how that would go over with the ACLU here?

Every time I fly I hear folks who would like us to go back to the old ways of doing business at airports. Today's arrests show that even though nothings happened in about 5 years, folks are still trying to take another cheap shot. That being considered, things will mostly likely stay how they are, or get more strict not less.

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Blogger PlaidBaron said...

Man, that's why you can never be so sure when they are going to stop.

7:46 AM  
Blogger LargeBill said...

Lets just hope the New York Times doesn't find out (and disclose) how the British caught these fanatics.

3:09 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

The left wants us to forget 9-11 because it does not fit into their worldview. I just wonder how they would deal with another event of similar or greater scope, beyond the mandatory and mindless "blame Bush" mantra.

9:06 PM  

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