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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Strange Searches

For some reason I've been getting hit with dozens of searches for "politico's answer, at times" today. I'm not sure what they are searching for, someone please clue me in. I just find it weird that so many people are searching for the same things all the time, especially that exact phrase.

I mean, if I had posted something about Jenny McCarthy's boobs, or Britney Spear's divorce I could see it. Maybe if I'd posted nude picks of Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston I could see lots of folks trying to find my blog, but "politico's answer, at times"? That's just weird.

And yes, the above paragraph is only to draw people here, who are dumb enough to search for such stuff on the internet, and then laugh at them when they find this instead. I mean really, if you do search for "Demi Moore, Nude" and click on a link to Crazy Politico's Rantings, thinking you'll find her here, you are probably too stupid to be using a computer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are probably getting hits for "Politico's answer, at times" because it is a clue for a crossword puzzle in the OC post this week starting 11/11/06. I know because I found you site through that also.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Thanks, I appreciate the answer. BTW, you didn't need to set up the blogger account, you could have used the Haloscan commenting, which doesn't require any account.

Thanks again, now I know.

6:28 PM  
Blogger LargeBill said...

So, I've been visiting your site for months waiting for the Demi Moore nudes and now you tell me I was wasting my time. Dang it, I should have just rented the video.

10:08 PM  

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