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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Crazy Lawsuits

Every once in a while it's funny to read what the lawyers are telling people to sue over. Today's example of lawsuits gone wild comes from Big Blue in White Plains New York, where a fired worker is suing for $5,000,000 because he was fired for using company computers and time to access adult chat rooms on the web.

His excuse? Viet Nam left him traumatized and a sex addict, and the invention of the interenet has made it so readily available he can't help himself. So, of course he should sue under the American's With Disabilities Act!

Sorry, but I don't see his case, the ADA doesn't recognize either his psychological disorder (PTSD) or sex addiction as covered disabilities for the act.

I don't see IBM having any responsibility for getting him treatment for PTSD, since he incurred it 38 years ago, but has only worked for IBM for 19. Evidently (until it was convenient for a lawsuit) it wasn't that a huge issue in his life, since he didn't seek any treatment prior to that.

While IBM does offer treatment to acoholics and drug addicts under it's HR programs, they have to come forward and let the company know they have a problem, not wait until they are caught drinking on the job to get help.

Now, if he wins, I'm surfin' porn on my company laptop!I've seen dead guys in combat, and hopefully that'll be enough to get me a big payday for wrongful dismissal.

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