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Thursday, February 15, 2007

But Think Of the Children! (again)

I'm so sick of the "but think of the children" mantra that has become the standard for pretty much anyone who wants anything to either be funded, or not passed by legislative bodies.

Today's example of using the children to defend criminals comes from the Woodbridge Workers Committee, in Woodbridge, Va.

The committee is upset that the Virginia legislature is looking at a bill (House Bill 2937) that would make it illegal to provide government assistance and services to illegal aliens. Evidently, though they haven't been gaining enough traction to get the bill thwarted, since they've now taken to the Op/Ed page of the Washington Post, and cried for the children.

Every cold hearted, calloused conservative like myself understands that the whiny Lefts answer to anything they don't like is that it will hurt children. This becomes especially true when it's something that might appeal to enough middle of the road folks to get a new law passed, such as HB2937.

I will admit that some children do get hurt due to such laws, but the solution isn't to allow illegal immigrants free reign over social services and other government programs "because of the children".

Instead, it's to make sure that their children don't become citizens only because they were born here. An end to birthright citizenship for the offspring of illegals would mean that their kids would be deported with them, instead of causing legal issues when mommy and daddy get caught being here without the proper documentation.

Unfortunately, that's not something that can be done by a state, instead, it has to done at the federal level. With politicians courting the hispanic vote it is likely they will do nothing, instead of changing our immigrantion and citizenship laws to both protect those who come here legally for work, and punish those who don't follow the law.

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