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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This Week's Target Is....

The Washington Post is evidently holding a "Skewer Mitt Romney" week on it's Op/Ed page. For the second time in as many day's one of the lead editorials is on Romney's constant evolution of opinion on many subjects.

Today it's Ruth Marcus's turn to take on the former Mass. Governor, who has, like a good politicians, evolved his opinion on topics from gays in the military to abortion, to, well just about anything.

Yesterday it was Richard Cohen with "The Talented Mr. Romney" piece, which basically went over the same changes.

I'm not arguing the Post shouldn't go after Romney, quite contrary, when someone flips on issues as much as he has he should be torched by the press for it. My hope is that some time is spent on candidates on the other side of the 2008 Presidential election, as a few of them have had changes of heart on many issues, too.

In case Mitt hasn't figured it out, he's probably not going very far in this election cycle, even if he is the first guy buying TV ads. When the sharks in the press are finding this much blood this early, he doesn't have much of a chance. He'd probably be better off spending whatever he's taken in so far on issue ads that attack the entire democratic party than trying to build himself up.

While Romney, Obama and John Edwards all talk of "transformational leadership", the transformations that are apparent in Romney are the type that should make people question his leadership ability.

I didn't agree with many of Romney's previous stands on things like gays in the military, and abortion, but at least for most of his political career he seemed to be principled on those issues. Now he looks like your standard issue politician, switching his beliefs to suit the primary electorate.

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