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Saturday, March 24, 2007

How To End Run Immigration Law

Rep. Luiz Gutierrez (D-IL) introduced legislation last week to change the status of Elvira Arellano to a legal immigrant, and grant her a permanent resident visa.

For those not in the Chicago area, Ms. Arellano is an ILLEGAL alien, who's been holed up in a church since last August, fighting her deportation back to Mexico because it wouldn't be fair to her son, who is a legal resident due to birth status and has some (minor) medical problems.

Gutierrez and others in the Illinois delegation to DC have tried, unsuccessfully, to get Arellano more stays of her deportation. But since the President and DHS aren't giving them, evidently an end run through congress is the new tactic. If you can't get DHS to say "this illegal is okay", then try and pass a law giving her permanent resident status.

Gutierrez isn't the only one trying such tactics, though. Since this congress convened, over 40 such bills have been entered. Consider that in the preceeding Congress about 100 such bills were entered into the record, it's easy to see that the Democrats in control are looking to make such end runs much easier. To find such actions, just go to www.thomas.gov and search "for the relief of".

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