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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Greenpeace Gores Al

I was link hopping last night, and went from www.dhmo.org to Greenpeace USA's site, and found that the world's best known environmental group isn't too happy with Al Gore of all people.

It seems Al is on the board of directors of Apple Computers, and wouldn't support a Greenpeace endorsed e-waste and chemical directive to the company. Instead, along with the rest of the board, Al voted to recommend that shareholders vote against the idea of Apple not using PVC and other chemicals, and coming up with a recycling program for e-waste.

Now I'm not a "greenie", and disagree with a lot of Greenpeace's stances on things. However, the idea of finding a way to recycle e-waste isn't a bad idea considering how much of it is generated. Dell Computers now has a program to recycle and donate old computers to keep them out of landfills, having other computer companies follow their lead would be a good thing.

As far as not using PVC and some other chemicals, I'm not sure on that idea. I don't know the economic impact on Apple from trying to eliminate them. If it's something that would raise their (already high) prices enough to cut their fairly small market share, then it's probably not a great idea until it's more economical. However if it can be done at a reasonable cost, then they probably should look into it.

I just found it odd that Al, savior of the planet, didn't seem to like the Greenpeace idea.

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