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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shot Across The Bow

Kathleen Parker will be named Anti-Feminist of the year if she keeps writing op/ed pieces like she has in today's Washington Post. It is a total shot across the bow of the feminist movement.

Mother of All Blunders questions why the west is insistant on sending the mothers of toddlers off to war. The answer of course is the word "equality".

Women are in the US, and European militaries based on the desire to be treated as equals to men. It also gives, in the era of volunteer militaries, a bigger pool of potential enlistees. But if we go to a draft, at least in the US, women are safe, they aren't eligible to be drafted, and don't even have to register for it. Evidently small wars are okay for them to fight in, but if we get into a really big one, we want the guys going.

Equality for women is a funny thing, because they only seem to want parts of it; and other parts they want tailored so inequal treatment for them is considered equal.

Take working moms who take time off after having kids. Feminists and womens rights advocates would like that time treated as though it doesn't exist. If you leave work at 25 to have a child, and come back at 29 when you think day care is appropriate, according to many that should be a freebie. Wages, work positions, etc, should all be treated like you were never gone.

The truth is, others have passed you by in those years. Their skills have evolved while the person who was off had hers erode in most cases. The people who were there are the most up to date on current trends in the business, others are four years behind. Sure, you could read professional journals, trade magazines, etc, but nothing beats experience in the trenches to keep you current.

I learned that the hard way going back to working with things I hadn't touched in four years. I spent my first four months just relearning terminology, and changed terms, and changes in the way things worked. I wasn't an equal to those who'd been doing it continuously for that period.

We have probably hundreds of laws on the books to "protect women" who want to be treated as equals. Why? If they are equal shouldn't they not need a special law?

Parker points out other areas that women aren't equal to men, but would like everyone to ignore. Give her article a read.

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