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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I know, I said I was taking a break, but that kind of changed as I was driving toward St. Louis today. I was getting ready to listen to the Brewers Cardinals game when the play by play man for Milwaukee made note of the fact that Charlie Sykes mother, Katherine "Kay" Sykes had been killed in a house fire today.

For those who've read me for a while, you know Charlie has been a huge influence on me. In his talk show, blog, and TV appearances he has always struck me as "a common sense conservative"; the kind we need more of.

So, tonight I take a break from my break to send my heart felt condolences to Charlie and his family in this tough time. Know that your listeners, readers, and viewers hearts are heavy for you, and those close to you. You are in our prayers and thoughts.

Kay, as you enter God's Home, please know that you have touched more people that you can imagine. You gave your son a good moral compass, and an excellent set of values and a great dose of common sense that he's been sharing with many of us for a long time. Thank you , and may you rest in peace.

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