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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mr. Jefferson is Movin' On Up....

The title of course, refers to the old 1970's tv show "The Jeffersons", where George and Louise (Weezee) moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. However, I'm talking about Mr. William Jefferson, D-La, who's probably movin' on up to a big house, or more appropriately, "The Big House".

Yes, a 16 count indictment was returned on "Cool Cash" Jefferson yesterday (you remember the 90 grand in his freezer, right?), that could land him in the slammer for up to 200 years!

His lawyers are claiming he never provided legislation for money, but that isn't a requirement for finding someone guilty of wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, or bribery and racketeering. What he did allegedly do was use the contacts he gained from being on the African and Nigerian trade caucuses in the House to figure out who to bribe for business ventures in Africa.

He's already had two of his associates in the scam sentenced, so the idea he will be too isn't too far fetched, especially since they are cooperating with the feds.

I'll give credit to Nancy Pelosi, who's already talking tough on how to handle Jefferson, though pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus could be a problem for her. For the CBC, if they need a reminder of the type of bad things that happen by letting indicted folks hang onto big jobs, just keep Bob Ney and Tom DeLay in mind. They were used as whipping boys for the "culture of corruption" election tag line that worked so well last year.

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