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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why We Won't Let Them Fight...

Brigid Schulte of the Washington Post has an interesting, but easy to answer question, as the premise of an article today. "Why Won't We Let Them Fill the Ranks" wonders why we don't allow illegal immigrants to join the military openly. She waxes poetic about poor Jonathon, here illegally since he was 11 and only wants to serve his new country. It's a nice, touching spin, designed to keep the reader from asking tougher questions on her premise.

The easy answer to her question is security, and there is an excellent example of it being played out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin right now. There, a three year veteran of the police force, known as A. Morales is being detained by federal immigration authorities. Evidently at 14 he assumed the identity of a cousin who died of cancer, but was a legal immigrant. That allowed him to come to the US and live for the last 10 years.

A background check was conducted, but because the cousin died outside the US, there was no record of it, so Morales was able to get by that portion of it. The police department had no clue what was going on until Immigration officials arrested their officer.

Now consider allowing thousands to join the military, when you can't do a complete background check on them, no way to verify their identity, criminal background, or past ties. Even legal immigrants from many countries are limited to what they can do in the military due to those issues.

Consider that over half the folks who are currently blowing themselves, and others up in Iraq and for the Palestinian cause are of the age that would be prime to join the military and you can see where not being able to check someone's past is a bad idea. All a terrorist group would have to do is go recruiting with wads of cash in third world countries, train some older teenagers, then smuggle them in. Let them join the military, and suddenly a Fort Dix type attack is carried out from the inside, instead of by guys delivering pizzas.

Sorry, Brigid, but just for security reasons, we shouldn't be letting illegals join the military. Put all the "poor Jonathon" spin you want on your story, but it's a dangerous idea.

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