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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Smack Talkin' Mama!

My mother, lovely lady that she is, has been talking a lot of smack lately. Saturday, it will come to a head!

That's right folks, it's that time of year again, The LeRoy Butler Foundation's annual Camping for a Cure Chili Cook Off is this Saturday, and I'll be competing against my mother. I love the lady, but in this contest she's going down like an anchor.

The truth is, my Dad has his name on the entry form, but Mom made the chili, and she's doing the talking about how she's going to wipe the floor with me. Ha! I hope she wins the best decorated booth contest, because her chili won't come in better than second place!

This years concoction consists of Ground Chuck, grilled chuck steak, hot chile beans, chipotle chiles, japanese red chiles, diced green chiles, adobe sauce, pureed spiced tomatos, onoins, shallots, celery, garlic, lime juice and plenty of seasoning. There's just enough heat to make the devil sweat bullets.

Last year I mentioned that I was disappointed in the judges they had for the cook off. I've been assured that this year the judges actually like spicy food, and understand what chili should taste like. All the better for me.

If Mom does place better than me, I will hand over an extra $25 to the Foundation, as payment for talking smack about her.

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