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Sunday, August 12, 2007


No, the title doesn't refer to the new Hyundai commercials, but instead to the "revelation" that Hillary Clinton at the top of the Democratic ticket next year could hurt the bottom of the ticket.

Since the ludicrously long campaign season began last year folks like me have all but told the Democratic party that Hillary is the wrong choice for the top of the ticket. While Joe Biden or Dennis Kucinich would be obvious losers for the top, Hillary might have a chance of winning, but costing the party seats in Congress.
(From the AP) A Democratic congressman from the West, locked in a close re-election fight, said Clinton is the Democratic candidate most likely to cost him his seat.

The chairman of a Midwest state party called Clinton a nightmare for congressional and state legislative candidates.

Everyone in charge of campaigns for the Democrats, it seems, worries about having Hillary's coat tails to ride on next year. Of all of the candidates, as the AP points out, she's got the highest negatives to overcome (47% on many polls), and they usually go up, not down after the primary season is over.

She's also the person most likely to get lethargic, ticked off conservatives to come out and vote for GOP candidates, just so they can vote against Hillary.

While Hillary's folks are busy doing damage control on her low numbers with the base, the GOP will use her as the drum to beat for getting out the vote of their own base. Considering the two have about equal numbers, but the GOP in presidential elections has always done better at getting out the vote, that will hurt.

Another thing that could cost Democrats is the same sense of "entitlement" that hurt the GOP in 2006. While Democrats seem to think they can't lose in 2008, and that George Bush's missteps will give them the White House and Congress, that type of thinking can keep your own voters at home.

Congress's approval rating, around 15%, may also hurt them if they can't find a way to get it higher by this time next year. Having Hillary's high negative numbers, and a Congress the public doesn't seem to think "get's it" isn't exactly a winning formula.

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