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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"The Evil One" Resigns

Yeah, I'm a couple of days late with this, get over it, it's a busy week. But I know how many Democrats are rejoicing this week over the resignation of Karl "Dr. Evil" Rove as Deputy Chief of Staff for President Bush. They are also sad, because Karl didn't leave in handcuffs, but they'll eventually get over it.

The funny thing about it is that they are rejoicing as if Bush is running next year, and this gives them a chance to beat him, finally. The truth of course, is that as a lame duck, Bush doesn't need Rove around as much for political reasons. And getting Congress into line on legislation isn't a big priority, since the Democrats control congress, and can't seem to get anything done on their own. I mean, when our Congress has passed less legislation than the Iraqi Parliment since January, you know they aren't every effective. (Unless you count Post Office dedications, which they have 3 dozen of).

Rove was a lot of things to Bush, but probably not an "evil genius" as many on the left think of him. What he was is a political genius, who knows how to use demographics, polls, and contact with voters to get the vote out. He also worked at an advantage, that I think Democrats fail to grasp. The GOP doesn't have as many interest groups under it's tent as the Democrats do, so Rove was able, for not only 2 presidential elections, but the 2002 and 2004 Congressional elections, to get GOP voters focused more narrowly. Democrats have to keep many more interst groups happy, which hampers their ability to get that kind of focus.

You'll see more of that in 2008, the GOP will likely; without Rove concentrate on the mantra of Democrats trying to expand government, and their inability to be consistent on national security issues. The Democrats, like in 2004 will have to try and find issues to keep unions, gays, minorities, and others happy, without alienating any of them.

But a look at this year show's why it's tough. Blue Dog Democrats have worked to try and restrain spending on concentrate on security. The more liberal "coasties" have worked to try and expand government programs. Both have worked against each other on many of those issues, showing a fracture that's hard to fill.

Rove wasn't evil, he was smart enough to find issues that he knew the Democrats weren't 100% behind, and use them as the wedge to get independent voters, and middle of the road Dem's to cross party lines. The Democrats don't have that ability because so many issues they could use to gain GOP voters would alienate one of their many interst groups.

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