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Sunday, December 02, 2007

BCS A Shambles, Time for a Playoff?

The Bowl Championship Series is now officially lying on the ground in pieces, shattered by a year where #1 and #2 were beaten an unprecidented number of times.

Last year at least there was one "BCS Conference" school that was unbeaten, and another with one close loss to a good team. This year there is no unbeaten school in the six conferences that make up the BCS. Only the WAC's Hawaii Warriors are still standing, at 12-0 after beating Washington last night. #1 Missouri got pounded by Oklahoma, #2 West Virginia let Pitt beat them.

Logically, #3, Ohio State, and #4, Georgia should now play the BCS Title Game, right? Except Georgia not only didn't win their conference (the SEC), they didn't win their division in the SEC, Tennessee did, and they were beaten by a 2 loss team, LSU, yesterday. How can you put a non conference winner with 2 losses in the title game?

Kansas might be a good choice, but they also didn't win their conference, though their only loss was to (former) #1 Missouri. Oklahoma won the Big 12, but they lost twice, to Colorado and Texas Tech, two unranked teams.

That takes you down to Virginia Tech, also with two losses, but at least a conference title. And both losses were to teams ranked number 2 at the time. However, one of them is to LSU, who says they should be in with two losses.

This screams for an 8 team play off system, not a bunch of writers and coaches trying to decide who should be in the one "championship game" using a system that intentionally keeps the only undefeated team out of it.

Put Ohio State, Georgia, LSU, Kansas, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Hawaii into a 3 week playoff and find out who the real winner is. The "lower" divisions of college football do it quite successfully every year, why can't the Bowl Subdivision (former 1-A) schools do it?

Oh, wait, I forgot, MONEY, that's why. The sponsors of the 5 bowl games and BCS Championship game wouldn't be happy about it. Never mind the fact that the games might be more meaningful than they will be this year, it's all about the green backs.

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