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Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Line after the Super Bowl

I've been disecting all of the post Super Bowl XLII stuff this morning, basking in the afterglow of Tom Brady not winning. And I think I've found, in Matt Crossman's Sporting News column, the best line about the 2007 Patriots.

As good as 18-1 is, no Super Bowl championship means no place in history, except among the losers and almosts. The Patriots likely are the best Super Bowl losers of all time, which ranks right there with being the smartest Baldwin brother.

What New England did this year was amazing, but between Brady's sudden smuggness, and Belichick's grumpy old coach crap, I tired of them about week 14, and wanted to see them lose to someone.

New England now gets to join Dwight Clark, who caught "the catch" that is now "the other catch", and John Elway, who now has "just another drive" on the sidelines of history. The Giants get to join the Jets in the annuls of Super Upsets. Eli Manning's Drive, and David Tyree's Catch will be the highlights of this game, not Brady holding up a 4th trophy.

Now to get on with the longest part of winter, the part with no football, and 5-9 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow night. Last nights four inches didn't seem like much, because there was football to dull it.

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