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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Choosing Friends, and Pastors

Mary Mitchell at the Sun Times is indignant over Hillary Clinton's mentioning of Rev. Jeremiah Wright with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board. I'll give Mitchell the point for Clinton wanting to change the subject from her Bosnia lie. She also gets a scores one for pointing out that some politicians depend on voters being idiots to get elected.

However, Hillary's comment on Wright was correct, you can't chose family, but you can chose friends, associates, and pastors.

Mitchell, like many in the media, seems to be disconnected from "the average joe" on the Wright issue. While many of us are wondering how you'd sit through 20 years that had to include more than a few such sermons and not be wondering if the preacher was off his rocker, Mitchell is wondering why were aren't all just happy St. Barack talked.

I've left a couple of different churches over issues of management and direction. It's not hard to find a new one if you look. In Chicago Obama could have picked from hundreds of black parishes to find spiritual guidance. Instead, he chose one that apparently chose to mix some very unchristian thoughts with it's Sunday sermon.

While Mitchell paints Clinton as someone who needs dumb voters to move off the Bosnia problem and go back to Wright. The problem with that theory is Obama counts on the same dumb voters to believe that he was oblivious to his spiritual mentor's radical leanings for 20 years. Maybe we could rename the candidates Dumb and Dumber, or the folks defending both of them.

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