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Monday, March 31, 2008

Howard Dean Endorses McCain?

Okay, the title is a little misleading, but I was lead to this 2004 quote by Howard Dean when he endorsed John Kerry for President:
(From the Washington Post)Dean added, "The real issue is this: Who would you rather have in charge of the defense of the United States of America, a group of people who never served a day overseas in their life, or a guy who served his country honorably and has three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star on the battlefields of Vietnam?"
Jack Tapper, at ABC was nice enough to post that quote on his Political Punch blog, and ask the question, will that and other quotes Dean (and presumably other Democrats) made to bolster Kerry in 2004 be used to hurt Clinton or Obama in 2008? He also noted McCain's awards, the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star Medals, a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

I'm sure Dean cringes when that quote is brought up, and will probably have to duck and run for cover over other 2004 quotes between now and November. He, and much of his party which used John Kerry's military service to try and bolster their stance that he was the best to defend the country now have to figure out how to downplay that same service by McCain.

My guess is Hillary's dodging bullets in Bosnia won't quite qualify for a Dean endorsement.

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