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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Al Gore Brainwashes Children?

According to Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University; you know him as the main non-government hurricane forcaster in the US; the global warming alarmists act like McCarthy disciples, and are brainwashing our kids.

In a statement to Florida Today, Gray argued that the scientific consensus on global warming is bogus — and "a mild form of McCarthyism has developed toward those scientists who do not agree" that mankind is in danger.

We are also brainwashing our children on the warming topic. We have no better example than Al Gore's alarmists and inaccurate movie which is being shown in our schools and being hawked by warming activists with little or no meteorological-climate background," Gray wrote.

Gray is in the group of scientists who think that the impending disaster scenarios touted by Al Gore and others are bogus and overblown.

One of the ironic things about this is everytime he forecasts a busier than usual hurricane season, the Gore minions scream that it's another example of how global warming will destroy us. Gray and others disagree.

"Some scientists believe global warming will actually decrease — not increase — the number of hurricanes that form over the Atlantic Ocean each year. Last Friday, in the final session of the hurricane conference, a pair of climate experts said rising sea-surface temperatures in and near the Caribbean could strengthen vertical wind shear. Robust wind shear is the bane of hurricanes, as it tends to tear apart cyclones during their formative stages. "

Acolytes of Al will always tell you that warmer water just breeds more hurricanes, never mentioning the wind shear angle, since it's an inconvenient truth. Of course they are the same folks who claim the ice caps melting will raise sea levels 20 feet, when 3 feet is probably the maximum possible. They also ignore the facts about the effect of that much melted ice COOLING the oceans to a point that we'd have a new mini ice age.

Gray isn't the first respected person in the field of climatology to mock the Global Warming Inc.® folks. Remember last June when I wrote about Reid Bryson, the "father of scientific climatology" who called the whole man made global warming theory "hooey". His data from Wisconsin showed that if you removed the urbanized weather reporting stations from the temperature equation there is a slight cooling going on. Similar results were found in the Southwest US.

Who knows, maybe enough scientists (as opposed to activists) will start talking that in a few years the Feds will be raiding compounds in Texas full of Global Warming Alarmists­ with alters to Al placed everywhere.

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