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Monday, July 07, 2008

George's Head May Explode.

I'm not talking about George Bush's head exploding (sorry Kosites). No, I'm referring to George Steinbrenner, well, actually Hank, since he's running the show with the Yankee's now. He's got to be sick right about now, getting up, and reading in the morning paper that the biggest trade deadline prize in Major League Baseball, C.C. Sabathia got traded to MILWAUKEE!

The reigning Cy Young winner does not go to Milwaukee. Somewhere in the fine print in MLB rules it's gotta say that, doesn't it?

Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports points out that money doesn't always get the talent around the trade deadline. Sometimes you need talented prospects to trade for talented players. The Yankees, Cubs, BoSox and Dodgers have all burned up a lot of their minor league system over the years to get "the guy" that's going to put them over the top. Sometimes it's worked, sometimes it hasn't. Right now they are all thin on the farm.

Milwaukee built a top notch farm system, and a team through it that's 10 games above .500 right now. The AA Huntsville team has 10 minor league all-stars on it. So when Cleveland wanted to reload their system with talent, some ready for the majors others needing a little work, they found someone with that talent not in Chicago, New York or LA, but Milwaukee.

Everyone in Milwaukee understands that this is a "rent a player" deal, Sabathia has already turned down a 4 year, 72 million dollar deal to stay in Cleveland. Milwaukee, even after unloading Eric Gagne's 10 million dollar contract won't be able to go to $20 million to keep Sabathia. They also realize that odds are Ben Sheets will be leaving, too. He's having a great year, (10-2, 2.77 ERA) and will get Sabathia type money after the season. So this is the year to make a deal, and try and get to the play-offs instead of waiting for talent from the minors to take them in 2 or 3.

I hope it works out, I'd love to see the Brewers in the World Series again, I went to the last (and only) one they've ever been to and it was a great experience.

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Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Baseball just was never my thing; kinda as exciting as cheering for your favorite boat at the Submarine Races. I'm waiting for FOOTBALL!



4:20 PM  
Blogger The Game said...

I think they will get the wild card if Yost doesn't cause the Brewers the minimum 17 extra losses he did last year. That was the year to make the playoffs...
Not sure, but wild card can happen.

Also, anyone looking for an additional place to blog, come check me out and post something...can't wait to hear from you...

10:04 PM  

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