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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can Sarah Survive?

So, this weekend's big Kos created controversy, Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter has all the headlines today.

For those who missed it, and I don' t know how you could, I think the weather channel interrupted hurricane coverage to talk about it; Daily Kos writers claimed that Sarah Palin's youngest child is actually her daughters child.

Turns out it's not true (like much of anything you read on Kos is), and that Palin's daughter is in fact pregnant right now. The moonbats on the left, have gone nuts screaming about the hypocrisy of a "family values" person having a pregnant teenage daughter. Which is actually funny. Hypocrisy would be if she encouraged her daughter to have an abortion. Helping her daughter deal with an obvious mistake, and not tossing her aside is the definition of family values.

Keep in mind the folks who are screaming kicked John Edwards off of the platform in Denver when he admitted to his affair. And replaced him with Bill Clinton. That's hypocrisy, and a hilarious twist.

Back to Palin. Do I think this is something that could torpedo her as the VP choice? No. In fact, I think if the far left isn't careful those pissed off Hillary voters are going to take 3 steps to the right and defend Palin.

These are folks who were horribly indignant about the treatment Clinton got during the primaries, labeling a lot of it sexist, some of it rightfully so. They were more ticked off when the agent of change picked a 35 year DC insider white male as his running mate.

Now, as they watch the party try and attack another woman and destroy her, enough may get ticked to swing the election the "right" direction. Barack Obama, to his credit, knows this and has told his campaign the Palin daughter, and all children, are off limits.

In fact one slip of the tongue on the subject would flash up so many bad memories of the primaries for women in the Democratic party that Obama would probably have to behead the offending person to calm them down. Joe Biden, are you listening?

There is in fact, a new blog out there, the Sarah Palin Sexism Watch devoted to tracking the sexist remarks in the media about the Governor. It's already quite lengthy, with such luminaries as Campbell Brown going insane over the "choice" of Palin to raise a family and run for VP.

By the way, if you think it is okay to ask Palin why she's running for VP with young children and a pregnant daughter, make sure you ask Joe Biden why he didn't resign from the Senate when his wife died and he was left to raise two young sons.

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