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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amateur Hour Now Four Years Long!

Used to be that "Amateur Hour" was only an hour (actually, 30 minutes, except one season). Now, two months into the Obama administration, we can see that it will be lasting a lot longer this time.

Whether it's the slew of cabinet nominees having to withdrawl because of tax problems, investigations or stupid comments, or the reversal of his own lobbyist bans to get people into positions he wants, Mr. Obama has proven that he and his staff weren't ready for the big stage quite yet.

Many folks on the right asked last year "what has this guy done to prove he's a leader", and were drown out by shouts of "hope and change". Now it's becoming evident to just about everyone the answer was nothing, and that he's not up to the task of leading.

Hell, he's proven that he's not even up to the task of making comments with a foriegn leader if the teleprompter isn't running correctly. In fact, he just reads what ever they put on the thing, as though he has no idea what he's supposed to be talking about. Wouldn't it be a hoot if one of the guys operating it decided to put up Mary Had A Little Lamb instead of a speech. I wonder how long he'd be reciting it before he realized what was up?

While many of us laughed during the Clinton years about the tail wagging the dog, I can't remember articles in the NY Times about Wednesday night meetings to discuss polls and how to shape the message around them.

Say what you will about the last administration, but one thing was always true for eight years, press conferences were treated as serious discussions of issues, and many time even uncomfortable for them. Contrast this with the new administration, where they seem to be an outlet for Robert Gibbs to display his sarcasm instead of a grasp of issues. The more I see of Gibbs the more I believe he got a lot of wedgies as a kid, and is using his press secretary position to make up for it.

Then of course we get the AIG debacle. No one is happy to see 165 million in bonuses paid out to a company getting hundreds of billions in taxpayer backing. At the same time the outrage of Congressional leaders and the White House now seems funny.

Now that we know that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had language to prevent them removed from the stimulus bill, and Christopher Dodd (largest congressional AIG donation recipient) wrote language into the bill that made them legal their fake indigation and suprise is laughable.

And that the President (#2 AIG donation recipient) knew about them; and the legal ramifications of not paying them; before they hit the press makes his outrage just as laughable.

Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have about 5 months until the 2010 election season starts heating up. In that time they have to stop looking so much like Moe Larry and Curly or they may find out what the GOP did in 2006, that the electorate doesn't like gridlock, but they like incompetent single party leadership even less.

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Blogger Barbara said...

I have had enough of Amateur Hour and just think - it's running for at least 4 years. Hopefully, by then, people will have caught on and stop it for the next 4 years. Scares me that we will still have those that love his CHANGE and would vote for him again!

This guy has no idea what it takes to be a REAL PRESIDENT! He'll be come known and the TELEPROMPTER president in years to come. And all his staff is about as clueless as he is! Gibbs is definitely the worse press secretary I have ever seen. Where they found him I have no idea!

7:27 PM  

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