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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Krauthammer's Idea

Charles Krauthammer has a couple of brilliant ideas for the start of health care reform. Neither have a snowballs chance in hell, which is too bad because they make sense.

The first is extreme tort reform, get rid of jury trials for malpractice suits and have them settled by a medical panel of experts. Why do this? Because doctors admit we waste $200 billion a year on "defensive medicine"; tests designed not to necessarily cure you, or find your ailment, but keep them out of court.

You can see this has no chance with Democrats in power. Trial lawyers are some of their biggest donors, and telling them that the jury jackpot system could go away isn't going to keep that cash flowing into election warchests.

The second is eliminating the tax benefit to employers for your insurance, and instead having the money go to YOU to purchase coverage yourself. That would immediately make your coverage portable, which is supposedly one of the things ObamaCare is supposed to bring us.

Unfortunately, as Charles points out, this won't happen either. Obama spent so much time berating John McCain for the idea of taxing that benefit that he can't do it. Just ask Max Baucus.

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