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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Advice to Insurance Companies

So I'm reading the news, and see Nancy Pelosi is pissed that insurance companies are telling the truth about the Senate health care reform bill. That truth, your premiums are going to go up, considerably.

This bothers the left because they (desperately) want you to believe that health care reform is going to be a free lunch. They want you to believe that because the truth, as it's played out everywhere that has used community rating, guaranteed issuance and zero waiting has been the opposite.

My advice to insurance companies isn't to shut up so that they'll stop adding ideas to their already bad plan. Just the opposite. Keep getting louder, so they add more.

Why, pray tell, would I suggest that? Easy, the worse the bill gets the easier it will be for insurance companies to exit the market before it takes effect. They will be going out of business once it does, anyway. So hasten your own death, and allow the feds to pick up the entire tab for their folly.

If things work out right, they'll make being an insurance company so onerous at implementation time that no on in the public (other than the "Obama Stash" crew) will blame you... But they will blame congress.

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